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At Monread Fare, we boast 12 state-of-the-art Texaco Unleaded Petrol and Diesel pumps, 4 of our pumps are pre-pay, allowing you to pay at the pump via laser or credit card and will take most Irish and European fuel cards. 

Texaco has been providing customers with high quality fuels for more than 100 years. Today, Texaco fuels are designed for the needs of the modern motorist and are specially formulated to help improve efficiency and to keep your car’s engine clean. Whenever you fill up at a Texaco service station, you can be sure you’ll get a fuel that delivers first class performance, offers industry leading engine protection and helps to improve the efficiency of your car.

We provide Premium Unleaded and Diesel products in Ireland and recommend that you use our fuels regularly for maximum protection.



When you use pre-pay pumps , a pre-authorisation validation sum may be applied by Card Merchant Services (not Monread Fare) in respect of Credit/Debit cards tendered. This is fully refunded once payment is processed.

The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds have actually been debited from your account, it is just held and released automatically.

This is automatically released but it can take up to 10 days, depending on your bank.

What is pre-authorisation?

Pre-authorisation is applied by your bank, not Monread Fare. Once payment of fuel amount is processed the pre-authorisation is released. Please note this ‘charge‘ does not leave your account. This is why it is referred to as a ’shadow transaction’. The ‘charge’ is automatically released but can take up to 5 days depending on your bank The purpose of the pre-authorisation is to ensure the credit/debit account being used is real & the card is not stolen, skimmed or cancelled. Please contact your bank. for further

Why We Use Pre-pay?

Due to customer demand and for speed of service, many customers prefer pre-pay at pump with a card, or pre-pay in the building. This allows our customers to re-fuel, park in the large customer car park and avail of the facilities without having to go back to move their cars. Alternatively, customers can visit the building first and use the facilities and then re-fuel without having to come back into the building again to pay..


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