Say Hello to Our New Ice-Cream Parlour! 🍦

Say Hello to Our New Ice-Cream Parlour! 🍦

Monread Fare is delighted to launch their new franchise i-scream! The fully equiped ice-cream parlour includes; crepe’s, waffles, smoothies, milkshakes, soft ice-cream and a huge range of hard scoop flavours. Having been launched during Monread Fare’s 1st birthday on June 22nd, the department has seen nothing but success the last few weeks. Both customers and staff are getting creative with their crepe & ice-cream orders. Some have even up the game by including their Boston Donuts!

The latest brand edition couldn’t have come at a better time with how warm and sunny the weather has turned. Monread Fare is definetly excited for the remainder of summer and keeping the people of Naas cooled down and their sweet tooth satisfied.

Ice-cream flavours

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